Soda Straw Flute

Soda straws
Directions: On one end of the soda straw, carefully flatten it out. Then, with a sharp pair of scissors, cut the flattened end of the soda straw in a "V" shape. This will act as a reed just like in a woodwind instrument. Place the "V" end of the straw in your mouth so that the "V" end is just past the inside of you lips. Next, apply pressure to the "V" with your lips while blowing. This will take some practice but will make a "musical sound." Next, take your sharp scissors, while blowing, and begin to cut the opposite end of the straw, shortening it.
Safety Concerns: Caution students about cutting as they blow. It might be safest for them to measure and cut a "set" of straw lengths. Think about marking the straws so each student can manage their own, personal set (and not use each others' instruments in their mouth).
What happens to the sound of the musical straw as you shorten the straw?
What happens to the sound if you change the circumference of the straw?
How can you make this into a "flute?"
Concepts: The length of the straw is directly impacts the pith/frequency of the sound produced. As the straw is shortened, the pitch/frequency of the sound increases.